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Bobby : 

He's green, mean, rude, crude, not lame, not tame, and other rhyming adjectives.

He likes to make money, and...  I'm drawing a blank.  Well, that's pretty much 

all he wants.   Besides Tetris.  He loves Tetris.



Peter :

He started off being fat and lazy, but then I said "Screw that!" and now he's not.

So basically, I have Peter and Chris, with almost identical personalities.

Yay for laziness.  Peter is slightly more willing to let Bobby do what he wants.

as long as it doesn't affect Peter, Bobby can blow up an orphanage for all he

cares.  Chris is a different story.


Chris :

Chris is a lot like me.  Actually he's not at all like me.  I lied.  I betrayed you.

I spit on your face and you like it.  Now I take off my cloth-

AHEM!  Enough of that!  Chris is high strung and doesn't let Bobby do anything.

Enough said.


Dylan and Marty:

I explained their roles in the comic I introduced them in, but I didn't really describe how they differ from each other.  Dylan is the one who comes up with the ideas, and always has an optimistic attitude.  Marty is the guy who has to do everything, and has a more realistic outlook.  Basically bad stuff happens to Marty.  Either way, Marty and Dylan both emerged from side characters, but now have a recurring role.  They both, coincidentally, are very easy to draw.

Kevin the fork:

Named after myself, Kevin is the ruler of Hell's Kitchen.  He had to take Bobby there once, and let him out because he couldn't stand him.  Also inspired by Phil, the prince of insufficient light from the comic Dilbert.  Now Kevin, tell us-  What?  But we just starte-  Okay, fine, we're leaving.  Apparently Kevin doesn't really want to talk to us right no-  Kevin.  Calm down.  Put the gun down.  See?  My hand is on the door.  I am opening it.  Goodbye now.  Okay, Kevin is really pissed.  Last time I give surprise visits...



Extras :

I have a lot of extras.  If you can name them all, you probably spend too much

time on my site.  (I actually made one of these guys up on the spot, so I could

fill up the page)