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1:  My first comic.  At the camp I was at, I started out thinking I needed awesome at drawing to be a cartoonist.  I was wrong, since I created the most comics at the camp, and everybody seemed to like my use of food for main characters, something I belive has never been done in the comic strip industry before.

2:  This one makes no sense when I look back on it.  I had a sort of arrogant humour thing going back then, which probably made some of my deliveries rushed and packed too much info into one frame.  This strip did make a trend that died quickly where Bobby would want to go have lunch, which is funny because he's a vegetable, but you knew that right?

1:  This is what I view as fan clubs now.

2:  I love this one personally, since it really was a great example of how food humour can be used to squeeze out jokes that would have been too dreary to otherwise pull off.  If I said Marty died, it wouldn't have been as funny as if I said he was eaten, right?

1:  Bobby's cruel side is revealed.

2:  The three most common fruit I draw are the three in the last panel:  Oliver Orange, Gerry Grape, and Sam Strwberry.

1:  Bobby's love of hot tubs is revealed.

2:  This one was made at camp where we had to incorporate a certain set of words into a comics strip.  I think I found a nice workaround for the challenge.  Also another thing to note is that I Bobby often said "Let's have lunch" at the oddest times.

1:  No one at camp could tell that the last frame was of a fridge, so I added the tiled floor, which is just about the only floor design I can draw.

2:  Again, this only works because of the food thing.

1:  I used shading for the first time, also the first appearance of a non Vegetable or fruit character.

2:  Oh yeah, when I was at camp, my instructor (who is a professional cartoonist at Algonquin college) told me to fill in the empty space at the end of most of my strips with something, so that's why you often see variations on "The End" in even my most recent strips. 

1:  I didn't have a ruler at camp for the last frame.

2:  Beware of floating dogs, they are 457% more likely to be rabid than a regular dog.

1:  Based upon comments from friends, this is one of my most popular strips.  And Chris looks more like a tumor than a carrot in my early strips.

2:  The original joke was to have Peter and Bobby simply walking towards the left as opposed to the right, since up to this point, I always had my characters walking towards the right.  The joke seemed like it would be too subtle, and it was only funny to me for 7 seconds, so I added to it.  

1:  I love this one, and I don't know why.

2:  Yahtzee.  Yep.

1:  This used to a be a current event joke because of the Tiger Woods scandal at the time, so you might not get it now.

2:  Another favourite of mine.