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1.  A Halloween strip!

2.  a stupid Halloween strip!  I really am not sure what I was going for with those tusks.


1.  My first coloured strip.  I decided to ditch the black outlines since it was too much work.

2.  Note:  Trumpets do not go "BWAAMM".


1.  I'd vote for him.

2.  More social commentary that I'm not too sure I care about but assume other people will think of it as an "OH SNAP" moment.


1.  This isn't much a joke without the second part.

2.  Even with this part it isn't very funny.


1.  I know for a fact that this is true.  I've seen this happen, except without all the loser parts taken so far.

2.  What's up with Chris' face in panel 2?


1.  I draw a dam fine highchair.

2.  "The" gas station.  Must be one big gas station.


1.  I assume this would turn people off from you, unless you live in a crappy part of town.

2.  I say feces a lot in this comic.


1.  It fun to see how long you can drag that on in real life.

2.  Awkward joke, awkward word placement, basically an awkward strip.


1.  I really do hate that cartoon series.  Admittedly, it's not as bad as I make it out to be, but it is quite boring and uses tired jokes and characters.

2.  Personal favourite right here.


1.  I'd like Harrison Ford's autograph.

2.  200th comic.  Yet another milestone.