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1.  I'm pretty sure this has happened.  Whatever.

2.  Free cookies to whoever finds the extra joke in this strip.


1.  I honestly dislike all of my parody comics, the first few were really more me raging about how a comic I view as boring gets syndication.  

2.  See above.


1.  This one I like, but it's not as well done and still more raging than I'd like.

2.  I nailed this one.  You have to read the strip (Hi and Lois) but the last panel is just about one of my favourite things I've ever drawn. 


1.  As much as this seems like it would work, it doesn't.

2.  I draw an awesome orangutan and you know it.


1.  Why is it that the stereotypical x-ray glasses have swirls?  That makes me think you're on drugs more than anything else.

2.  I call mine Fredward.


1.  At the time I wrote this, the Deathly Hallows part 1 was just released.

2.  I did a project on the uses and dangers of benzoic acids for grade 9 science.  Apparently they make good food preservatives.  


1.  I have no idea why but i always feel inclined to say "Let's-go Idaho!" whenever I see a televised sports game.

2.  A massive oversight.


1.  This comic brought up the awkward idea that vegetables have to reproduce.

2.  I cut Bobby and the kids out of the frame because A.  I'm lazy and B.  Not enough room. 


1.  This isn't as much a joke as much as it is sarcasm.

2.  I made an unfunny comic that makes no sense at all just to (unsuccessfully) make fun of a crappy youtube video series (which I hate by the way).


1.  I like rice.

2.  Not real contact information.