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1.  This implies Chris has tasted diarrhea before hand.

2.  I have a feeling that the reason I can't see long distances is because I started at the sun as kid because I was curious.


1.  I just compiled random technical jargon into each frame as possible.  The first two frames don't actually mean anything.

2.  Mmh...  Okay then.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijiNOxYgHPI


1.  I used to have green ketchup when the first Shrek movie was being advertised.  It was good.

2.  I will make this list one day.


1.  Odd text placement makes this hard to understand.  In the last panel, read Peter then Bobby.

2.  I'm too busy listening to this to comment on this one, also because this was a lazy continuation of the last strip.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijiNOxYgHPI


1.  Welcome to Bobby Broccoli!  Now get out while you still can.

2.  My friends and I have awesome inside jokes.


1.  Seriously,  no one cares except people who want to be monarchs themselves.  I'd rather hear about the U.N's involvement in Lybia if you don't mind.

2.  Too much text was required to get this joke across.  I could have done this one more efficiently.


1.  Equinox and Traverse have to be the most overused car names ever.

2.  I have good ideas, but never the means to execute them. 


1.  If our ancestors had decided to pay with toenails, the economy would be a lot different.

2.  I'm going to file a complaint eventually.


1.  Gross...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHEuak8paRo

2.  Peter is sitting by the last frame for space issues.  I have a lot of those.


1.  Yeah!  Lung cancer!

2.  Hottinton is a name of champions don't even deny it.