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1.  I did a project on cocaine in grade 9.  I know a lot about chemicals now.

2.  I really like this one, even though it's cynical, it comes across as lighthearted, something I often do while being cynical in public.  People who are cynical and depressing are losers.  People who can point out society's shortcomings (as well as their own) yet actually get on with their lives instead of jeering from the sidelines are much friendlier than the other variteties.


1.  Bobby's that kid your parents warned you about if you grew up in the 70's.

2.  This plan wouldn't even work, you'd need a highly potent acid and end up with a burnt doorknob and you'd still be locked out.  


1.  I don't listen to Taylor Swift.  I'm just playing on what I hear on late night talk show monologues.

2.  I do this.  I'm not denying it.


1.  Old people love this one.  

2.  Weird and gross.  Not really funny either.


1.  Call in the next 20 minutes for a free Snuggy (TM) filled with used bandaids.

2.  One of my more successful self ridicules since it's easy to be crap.


1.  This is about how foods eating would mean cannibalism.  Doesn't really work since they often drink in my strips.

2.  Americans have a thing about tap-dancing I really don't share.  


1.  I Wendy's commercials used to be decent, but then they actually personified someone as Wendy.

2.  This joke was 100% reliant on the pictures, and I nailed on my fist try.  Go me.


1.  Search the movie "Psycho" if you don't get it.

2.  Why you'd be specific about the number of cockroaches instead of the fact that you have bugs in your bed is beyond me.

1.  I really hope you can read the bottom of the page.

2.  If you've paid attention to my other strips, you'll notice that Chris is quite an emotional guy.


1.  Peter has a big family according to most of my strips.  I'll try an include them in more later on.

2.  Chris has a spidey sense type death sense.