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1.  The key here was having my limited artistic ability.

2.  Just like in another strip, read last panel Peter to Bobby.  Also, not that well written.


1.  I'd rather stay in close contact all year with someone than read a 5 page Christmas letter each December.

2.  There you go!  Peter has a large family!


1.  Peter's loudness shrunk Bobby in the second frame.

2.  My first Christmas strip!  Awwwwww.....


1.  The last panel is the worst part of the strip, but the narration was pretty good I think.

2.  Love it.  Love it.  Love it.


1.  Again, last panel, Chris to Bobby.

2.  I love Bobby's expression in the last panel.


1.  Damn straight son.

2.  I had to.  The pun was there.  I know I promised but I had to.


1. I feel obliged when I read my morning comic strips and see more than half celebrating an international holiday.

2.  This wouldn't be such a bad idea if people could just be respectful and get on with their lives without the undying respect of one individual.  Not everyone has to love you.


1.  Hopefully you read this when they're still doing terribly.

2.  I'm pretty good at bulls**t marketing. 


1.  The whole idea of a paper weight it stupid.

2.  I started learning piano this year.

1.  I wrote "densist" instead of "dentist".

2.  Examples:  Marbles, ketchups, toothbrushes, iphones, and calculators.