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1.  At least they have a ball pit.

2.  These dictionary ones are more of my fake social commentary.  I don't really agree with most of what I wrote.  I'm a bit harsh when I'm uncreative.


1.  See above.  I do think pop music is overly repetitive, but I find most of them have nice melody when played without lyrics or instrumentally.

2.  This is simply a collection of phrases people I my school used to say to piss angry people off even more.  It's not really a joke but more an uncreative mind at 11:00 PM. 


1.  Half of me thinks Bobby did it on purpose.

2.  Must be a big invitation to clog a toilet.



1.  Car and cereal adds are the most repetitive to me.  Their marketing teams should get some new blood working on them.

2.  Don't do drugs kids.



1.  I haven't really revealed much about Bobby's disposition on dating.  I might do a story arc soon, we'll see.

2.  According to my drawing that table only has four elements.


1.  If I had infinite clones that shared a consciousness, one of them would get assigned this duty.

2.  It's and honest  mistake to make.   


1.  It would be quite badass being an angel of death, but also depressing.  I read a short story about a man who didn't think he could tell people the doctors have to let them die, and in the end he has choose whether or not he wants his asshole father to live.

2.  Apparently forks have pockets.  


1.  I say mugging a lot.

2.  One of my favourites, and one I think is a great life lesson.



1.  The last line is the best.

2.  Bobby's criminal record is immense.  I'm surprised he isn't in jail for half the strips. 



1.  Oliver Orange is probably the fruit who hates Bobby the most, which is a switch from the beggining of my strip, where Bobby hated fruit.  Now Bobby is just mischievous towards them.

2.  LIFE is a fun game.  It's long though.