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1.   You can say that whenever a telemarketer asks for someone on the phone.

2.  It is effective.


1.  All real mathematics, unlike my earlier diagram, but now when I look back, all this stuff is pitifully easy.

2.  I would have liked to change the wording of the last frame to something different, like "lol stepped on a dead bird!". 


1.  I don't know if Bobby was actually reading a book about medieval plumbing or not.

2.  Notice faint white streaks on the orange pepper?  Those are the remnants of my crappy wite out skills.


1.  I recently went to a wedding where instead of playing the traditional wedding song on the piano, they played the Mario theme.  It was awesome.

2.  Because yen doesn't have a hea- forget it.


1.  Last panel:  Advice to live by.

2.  I absolutely love this chair.  When I garner enough funds I'm custom ordering my own.


1.  Chris cries way too much, so I introduced alternatives for the reader to decide.

2.  His facial expression in the last panel could use some tweaking.


1.  Broccoli are like frogs, colourful internal organs.

2.  I fell as if Calvin and Hobbes did something like this, but I don't have proof.  If so I'm sorry.


1.  I over think the most useless things.

2.  I really didn't want to but it what topical so I didn't have a choice.



1.  Either he painted a wall or I have a messed sense of perspective.

2.  Everyone has a rebellious period.  Mine is possibly right now, I'm not sure.


1.  Half considered doing this for authenticity.

2.  Please get this or get out.