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1.  I had schizophrenia before, but changed it since it isn't technically a side effect of that disorder.

2.  If I had realistic simulation chambers that replicated every day life, I would do so many messed "experiments" then feel sorry and do nice things in half of them.


1.  I probably should have chosen better sitcoms, but then again this joke was poorly conceived in the first place.

2.  Weird spacing is weird.


1.  Thawck?  What book makes a Thawck sound?

2.  Bobby's a lone wolf and he's too good for you anyway.


1.  Remember when I told you to check Peter's eye size?  At this ponit it is about twice as much as it once was.  It almost gets down to his lower body at one point.

2.  More of my social -not-really-but-okay-commentary.


1.  Notice my change of viewpoints?  Fancy, right?

2.  I got this idea from Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 where you could charge money to use the bathroom.  They game used pounds as currency, so...


1.  Cliché drum cymbal.

2.  I should get on that.  Maybe Marty or Dylan since they're fairly common.


1.  I watch talk shows and it disappointing that this almost never happens.

2.  In case you haven't caught on, these aren't real people I'm making fun of.


1.  I'm pretty sure this one makes sense, correct me if I'm wrong.

2.  It's a paradox if you think about it.  The good thing about the show is access to the show.


1.  More social don't-take-me-seriously-here-commentary.

2.  Change the words in the last panel according to the era or year etc...  Even now I'd like to change them.


1.  I love his reaction in the second panel.

2.  I liked how I was drawing Bobby at this point, but as you can see sometimes he is drawn too skinny or too wide sometimes.