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1.  Meh.  Not my best.

2.  You can't imagine how annoying it is to draw Titanus' scales.


1.  Chris has a chalkboard for some reason.  Don't ask me.

2.  Too much of this half assed social commentary stuff.  I'll cut down, I promise. 


1.  Those scales take so damn long to draw it's ridiculous.

2.  I just wanted some sort of reason for him to be put in jail that would look ridiculous in comparison to our justice system.  I could have handled it better.


1.  My interpretation of a police hat.

2.  Just imagine. 


1.  I have this mental image of prisoners about to get hanged have a cell with hay in it.  I don't know why.

2.  That crowd scene took a lot of debating whether or not the people next to each other looked too similar.  Also in the last frame, he's supposedly talking to me there.


1.  Believe or not, those handcuffs were annoying to draw as well.

2.  Note the exquisitely drawn pillows.


1.  And by the next strip I had went overboard with the pillows.

2.  I drew a lot of one eyed people in this arc.



1.  My idea of flying through the air:  Lines.  Lots of them.

2.  So, he lands on his face, and breaks his leg?  What?


1.  What is up with the "O" in the last panel?

2.  My "O"s are getting a bit aggressive don't you think.


1.  Note how I got rid of the hand in the second frame.  I make being lazy an science.

2.  Damn scales...