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1.  I watched the Twilight Zone once.  It was good.  Good and screwed up.

2.  Let this be a lesson kids.


1.  I think maybe I got a little too "dynamic" here.

2.  It's like when Bobby exhales he shrinks, and when he inhales he grows.


1.  Meh-ish social commentary.

2.  I loved the concept of this arc.


1.  Semi-current events used here, except Gaddafi is dead now.

2.  I'm really proud of my window view in the second panel.



1.  It's technically not a lie.

2.  I do believe FOX news is a joke though.  No social-I-don't-really-care crap here. 


1.  That bench puts all of my other drawings to shame.

2.  I can't seem to figure out why Sam is doing a crossword outside on the ground.


1.  I call the pepper's arms in the second panel "scarecrow arms".  It fits for some reason.

2.  Why that lady needs a babysitter is a mystery.


1.  The second appearance of Bobby's table clothed table!  It's a recurring thing!

2.  I like drawing the kitchen counter.  I makes for a nice zoomed out shot.  


1.  ALERT:  I got rid of the "c" in Thawck.

2.  I really butchered this one.  Too much unfounded dislike.


1.  The hidden joke for video game enthusiasts is my use of the word "mash" as Bobby's sound effect when playing.  Try and guess what I'm implying.

2.  I used actual wite out here.