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1.  This one makes no sense, is poorly drawn, and pretty much sucks.  Pretty much.

2.  Note my "dynamic" frontal perspective change in the last panel.


1.  For some reason my scanner started making all my comics gray.

2.  Another personal favourite.


1.  So cruel, yet it it simply begged me to write it.

2.  Sorry, brain damage that day.  Won't happen again.


1.  Moderately funny.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhwbxEfy7fg

2.  I like this one.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAYL5H46QnQ&feature=related


1.  I've gotten in to a comfort zone here.  I started making about two a day at least around here.

2.  Sorry.  I can't comment on this one without laughing since I have song in the background mentioning "tazering butt holes".


1.  I feel like bringing back the conscience as recurring character when I reread this.

2.  Bobby's not washing a car with a waffle.  It's a sponge.


1.  I'm sorry for the overused jokes, but I don't like him ,but I now realize that this joke was poorly planned, and quite more of a "my stance on the matter" type of thing, which no one likes. 

2.  It's pretty damn good coffee though.


1.  I love this one to death.

2.  I'm looknig at the dates and realizing I wrote this one over a year ago.  Time really does fly.


1.  Videogame references.  If you can name what games they're from, then I'll give you a cookie.  Actually, I'm too greedy.  You get a highfive instead.

2.  Best friends who lack sleep aren't best friends anymore.


1.  I always hated how crappy an slow DVD menus are.  Get on that people.

2.  I liked listening to Katy Perry's California girlsat this point in time.  In all honesty, I'm listening to it right now.