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1.  I added this character because I did an "art swap" with some guy and he added a knife to his rendition of Bobby, so I said I'd make it official.

2.  I drew a beenie -bag chair instead of a regular chair.  How's that for creative variety? 

1.  I came up with this joke and about half of people thought is was funny, the other didn't get it.

2.  I'm not quite sure what vegetable the speaker is.


1.  Peter looks like a douche bag sitting on the couch all relaxed an such.

2.  This arc was inspired by Dilbert, because my previous one was crap and I wanted to do a better one.


1.  I handled the ties better that's for sure.

2.  The slogan used to be "won't set your house on fire" but it sounded too hollow.

1.  Ping pong tables are cool, but I'm more of a billiards person.

2.  I hate drawing crowds.  This one made the crowd look like bowl of fruit opposed to a personified object. 



2.  Fruits can get rabies?


1.  I use Elton John whenever something that asks the first celebrity that comes to mind is.

2.  The second panel says "to freeze or he'll shoot" if you can't read it.


1.  I told this to people at school and they thought it was pretty good.

2.  I felt inclined to do this last year when I had finished my exams right before I left.


1.  Yes,I know Hotwheels doesn't make BMWs.

2.  I found this out the hard way.



1.  I imagine this would be funny for a minute then you'd get beaten up.

2.  I wrote myself into a corner here, so I ended it in a way I know well.  Cheaply.