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1.  This is going to be a long one.  I felt like I didn't have enough characters with a personality in my strip, since Bobby embodies greed and childish joy, Peter embodies passiveness and loyal friendship, and Chris embodies intelligence and cynicism.  Then you get to characters liek the fruit and Kevin and you realize they either have boring one note or constantly changing personalities.  So I went ahead and promoted Marty and Dylan to "regular" status, one rung up from their old positions as "extras who I draw frequently".  Basically, I drew inspiration from the comic Pearls before Swine (check it out, it's quite funny) where the crocodile characters always come up with stupid ways to kill a zebra.  So, Marty an Dylan come up with schemes to get Bobby incarcerated to save the kitchen from his shenanigans.  Not the most creative scenario, but now I have another type of joke I can pull off.

2.  I am quite proud of those bagpipes.    


1.  I will eventually work up to drawing more background objects in the future, but for now be happy with the fact that I draw any objects.

2.  I find this one to be quite boring and unfunny to be honest. 


1.  The event Bobby is confusing with a fire drill is called a "lock down" where you lock the class inside, turn otu the lights and be quiet as to avoid having someone think you're inside during a school shooting for instance.  I do find it a bit troublesome to think that if a student has a gun in school, they know full well the school would be in lock down, and wouldn't simply ignore a classroom with its lights out.

2.  I have a problem with phones in school.  Why the hell do you need them other than texting friends how bored you are instead of learning.


1.  I thought I'd make this one into a series but got bored of it quickly.  I know when to jump from a sinking ship.

2.  I tried to replicate one of the monitors from my school computer labs, and it is just as ugly in real life as it is here.


1.  That previous bench I drew was put to shame by this one.

2.  He inserted it into his ass.  There, I said it.


1.  Could have handled those bars a bit better.

2.  I had a climate section to my science exam I was studying for at the time.


1.  To show that I'm doing a Winter strip, I give each character some sort of piece of clothing.  Bobby has boots, Peter has mitts, Chris has a hat, and everyone else has a scarf.

2.  Those are policemen if you can't tell what is on the heads.


1.  I didn't realize at the time, but Bobby is smiling slightly in the second panel.  It worked out pretty well for the strip so I kept it.

2.  I like twist endings.


1.  Here I was referring to crappy kids shows where the protagonist usually says "What could possibly go wrong" or "How could this get any worse" and then it does.  

2.  They're Popsicles.  They have sticks in them, not that other thing...


1.  I screwed in the first panel by giving the double Popsicle only one stick instead of two.  Oops.

2.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg Should explain any questions you have about this one.