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1.  Decent, but I could have pulled off those boxes in the second panel better.

2.  I changed Bobby's line in the last panel because it pretty much went along these lines: "Well they used all the material for the extra door so they couldn't make a driver side door."  Awkward, I know.  Good thing I changed it.


1.  The degree in the last panel it actually the name of a preschool I went to.

2.  I quite enjoy this one.


1.  This worked for me once.  No, that was a lie.  I'm a terrible liar.

2.  I felt this one was a lazy joke, but hey, at least we know Bobby is from Texas now. 


1.  My first "Sunday" comic.  I really like how I was able to tell the story with so few words, one of my favourites.


1.  I cannot draw cars.

2.  I need to write more Mart/Dylan strips.  I like their duo gimmick they have going on.

1.  That was quite an unpredictable ending, and I wrote the thing!

2.  That is supposed to be a bench in the last panel.

1.  If any one strip justifies a story arc, this is it.

1.  It that a trenchcoat?  I'm not quite sure myself.

2.  Marty and Dylan started this, they end this.


1.  i really like how these illustrations turned out.  If i could draw like this every time, I would.

2.  My dad didn't get that Peter is talking to me (the cartoonist) in this strip, which is a bad sign.  Other people probably won't get it since they might not know my name.

1.  I love bookstores.  I could live there if I had to.

2.  I think I perfected the walking pose with Peter in the first panel.

1.  Lot's of strips I read occasionally have these types of strips where a list of some sort of advice tips and the like come back as recurring things.  I like my template, and it is easy to write for, so I'll keep this idea for sure.

2.  That says "antiques", just in case you can't read backwards (I can't).