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1.  This one is in the format of a Sunday strip, yet if said newspaper printed this one in colour, the joke wouldn't work.  Othterwise, I really liked this one.

1.  I generally can't draw more than three panels in one half page, but this four panel one was pretty well done by my standards.  It feels neat and tidy whenever I look at it.

2.  I really love this format.  I mean I REALLY love this format.  all you need is a piece of advice that would normally be pretty good advice, and have Bobby find a loophole.  Plus, since these are all single paned punch lines, I get to work on my background drawing skills.  Look at the geometry present in that painting!  It almost makes up for those really lazy stairs.

1.  I am mostly expressing my discontent with some authors.  Their books are mostly well written and interesting throughout the story, but the ending always seems unfulfilling and rushed, even if its the final book in a series.  I believe I was thinking about James Dashner's The Maze Runner series.  Great series, but the third and final book's ending was not very well written in my opinion.  The prequel The Kill Order made up for it though.

2.  Well this one requires a bit of explanation.  I hate how a lot of shows feature gay people as characters just for the sake of saying they have a gay character.  I am supportive of gay marriage, but I find most TV shows are trying too hard, and the gay characters always come off as one dimensional, as if being gay is the only notable feature about them.  This is my parody of those characters.


1.  If you look closely in the last strip, Billy was originally a pineapple.  I just drew a pineapple because they are easy to draw, but then I though of this joke, and how awesome it would be to actually have a gay banana as a character.  I rather like Billy, he is a teased cahracter in the kitchen, and Bobby understands that.  My dad told one of his coworkers I was writing a comic about a Broccoli who hates fruit, and his coworker though my dad meant gay people.  This is sort of my response to that, that Bobby is fine with gay people, and is willing to make a truce with certain fruits when they are being harassed by someone other than Bobby.

2.  And here is how I show I'm quite clever.  I directly mention my discontent with gay characters, and try to develop a character who can be gay and have other interesting qualities.  Then I decided that I had an even better idea for at least 6 strips, so the plan changed.


1.  I like to keep concepts that I return to in stock, so if I don't have a strong joke already on my mind, I can work out a joke from a template.  This one is pretty good in m opinion, I think I did a pretty good job on it.

1.  Here is my stroke of genius.  I actually know quite a lot about Quantum Mechanics (basically what goes on below the atomic level), and know how most concepts work.  Bobby's reaction to Billy mentioning his interest in Quantum physics pretty much sums up my friends' reactions to me trying to explain to them what Planck's constant is.  So basically, I decided to be the first cartoonist to ever create a banana who knows quite a bit about quantum physics, who also happens to be gay.  All of the concepts that I mention are actually real inventions and theories, but Bobby always turns them into a gay joke.  I have some better ideas for this template, but I needed to start this one off with one people might actually get.  On another note, that microscope doesn't really look at all like a scanning tunneling microscope, which would have a big component attached to it to actually process the image.