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1.  I'm like breaking the fourth wall.  It's fun.

2.  This one is simply not funny.  As I recall I think I was tired an just wanted to get my two a day thing done so I rushed something that bewilders me to think I ever thought this actually had any comedic elements involved.



1.  SPOILERS:  Bobby is in the cat.  Note how the cat's face seems to grow in height over the course of two panels.

2.  Why no one sees the giant propane tank is beyond me.


1.  See what I did there?


1.  This is gross, I introduced a character I have not and never will bring back and it was poorly drawn.  I do like Chris' line though.

2.  My math teacher got mad at this one (I put it on a corkboard outside my math class since it had math comics) and he said it sucked because my last panel displays math that is clearly not meant to be correct.   


1.  I should start using a ruler.

2.  Marshmallows are the jellyfish of the food world.


1.  It doesn't fit Chris' personality when he looks fiendish in the second panel.

2.  Filler.  I was bored and uninspired that night.  This is the resulting effect.


1.  I almost ran out of room here.  I often have really ambitious dialog sequences that I want to write, but part of being a cartoonist is realizing that this isn't a graphic novel.

2.  Take note of the size of Peter's eyes now.  We'll come back to them later. 


1.  This is one of those moments when I'd really like to write "lol" but won't since I'd hate myself afterwards.

 2.  Yummm...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7yZ-jAj7Zk


1.  I suppose I was trying to draw something vaguely like a sink there.  Just so you don't think there's a garbage disposal in a skate board ramp.

2.  No comment.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7yZ-jAj7Zk

1.  The hidden joke is that there is no hidden joke.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

2.  A rather large milestone when you think about it.  100 comics.  And to think I thought that was a big number before.