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1.  One of my favourite story arcs personally.

2.  Just about the only girl I have as a character who I cared enough to give a name.  Wow.

1.  A social commentary, by Kevan MacKay.  Stop the fake laughing.  Now.

2.  For some reason this reminds me of the time my local news station burned down.  They didn't have many jetskis.

1.  Fact:  Bobby's legs are too long here.

2.  I would heart this one if I could.

1.  How?  What?  Ummm...  Ignore this.  Nothing to see here...

2.  In hindsight, I wish I didn't add the Dilbert panel.  It looks ugly.  I do like Dilbert as a comic though.  Good stuff. 

1.  Clutter, clutter, and oh look, more clutter.

2.  I felt like a mob boss when I wrote this.

1.  I submitted this one to my school newspaper and it was rejected for inappropriate subject matter.  Seriously?

2.  I like my "the end" in this one because I spent more time on it than the actual strip.

1.  Decent.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGMrh1XGkCk&feature=related

2.  "Scaaart"? 

1.  In soviet Canada, bank rob you or something like that.

2.  A joke at my expense since I almost always draw my character staring at things other than who they are having a conversation with. 

1.  Hands down, my all time favourite comic.

2.  Every rise has a fall.  

1.  Explosive genitals can mean two things now that I think about it.

2.  Based upon my grade 9 French teacher.