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1.  Bobby is really short for some reason.  How long did I draw him like this?

2.  Peter should know better by now.


1.  I came up with one, I had to do the others.

2.  A masterpiece.  Simply a masterpiece.  


1.  Quite a few spelling and grammatical errors in this one.  Bobby does look good in a sombrero though.

2.  Shame on me.


1.  If broccoli had muscles, it would make them quite headstrong.

2.  Backwards baseball caps mean mechanic, right?

1.  I don't like how I ended it.  Needs better pacing.

2.  I don't know what it is.


1.  My most ambitious story arc up to this point. 

2.  Probably my favourite out of the island series.


1.  The island looks bigger overhead.

2.  This one sounded funnier in my head.


1.  How an island magically appears out of nowhere is beyond me, much less one made of quicksand.

2.  Sorry, this one's my favourite.


1.  It is not a condition.

2.  Compared to my earlier drawings of Peter, this Peter is too skinny for my liking.