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1.  I'd think it would, but you heard the man.

2.  I usually look back on strips like these and view it as me using an overused joke that I don't really agree with, but this one isn't too bad.



1.  I play squash.  It's really not so violent.

2.  I like Terry.  I kept him as my go to "love to hate" character.


1.  Yet another example of how I can do cruel in a light hearted manner.

2.  I'm sure I'm the first to do this one. 

1.  Social commentary.  This is another example of a topic I don't really care about since it doesn't affect me, but I still use it since it's in the media and well known.

2.  This is something I'd like to do before I die.



1.  Poor Dave.  I feel like naming a recurring character Dave now. 

2.  I hate comics who take up entire panels just so you know that the characters are at the movie theater because they were bored an now they're all sticky because the usher spat jam on them.



2.  I would kill to have an inch more width on these pages, especially in the third frame.


1.  I use eyes with no pupils to represent surprise, fear, or pain.

2.  I want a muzzle.


1.  The "bend over" part can be taken in multiple ways.

2.  The original series of Star Trek had sex scenes almost every episode.  Also, I modeled the T.V after the little carts we have in school.


1.  I've done this.  I'ts inspires you, but not much else.

2.  Yeah.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hil1F2T19GY


1.  He really is terrible at comebacks.

2.  A perspective change.