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November 8th 2012:

Not such a big wait as last time was it?  I'm back in school again, except I have a job now, so even less time to make comics.  I'm still writing them though, so don't yell at me.  In other news, I am getting a Wii U.  Nintendo's new console.  Get it, and we can be friends, which will never totally happen since no one ever emails me SOB.  Anyway, here is my essay about Macbeth I did for English class:

In class essay assignment.


            Macbeth's tragic flaw is his lack of emotion in dealing situations require precise timing and flow that will initialize the standard process of death rehabilitation so far that it never ceases to amaze Lady Macbeth, who is the main driving force behind Duncan's murder and the foreshadowing of the landlord's untimely betrayal in Shakespeare's Hamlet, another play that was lightyears ahead of its time, sometimes ol' Bill had premonitions regarding the current state of affairs and said “how 'bout that that an ol' Kingly (King is capitalized because of the emergence of the industrial revolution that shook James' court) could have forsaken so much pain and molasses!” was his quote and that which would endear him to Hillary Smith, his wife of an uncertain demeanor that wasn't too sure on his function in the court of sir William death bed monkey prat Shakespeare.


               The last time anyone had actually seen monkey bro was before Halloween, and of course Halloween was banned ever since the Galileo incident with the frictions and the like so of course the hunting season was delayed, something that pissed of   Macduff, which could also be seen as his first clue as to who really killed Duncan, which we all know is not the Macbeth's, but the sinister Andromedona, who in a twist that was new to the Renaissance style of writing, came back from the dead to take revenge on the spirit of Tybalt, untimely murdered in fair Verona, making much of the timeline unclear, which has since sparked debate that still exists today, though mostly relegated to laundromats and trucks that carry literature in the excess wind veins.


            What is left to talk about but the wandering spirit of the wandering oliphant dead on the scene, and boy what a scene that was it was like cold dry dirt whetted with sickly sweet sugar cane freshly ground into the confessor we know him as today, Kevin Bacon, who apparently is not that fond of himself either, but then again 3 oscars and 8 emmeys really takes it out of a guy, just like poor Pierre de Fermat, bless his soul, that remained unletted until 1994 when his last theorem was renounced and people got down and melted the town 'til the cops came out to play, which based on many sources did in fact coincide with Woodstock which was damnlicious in my own opinion.

            Okay this is getting hard to do, 'I'm running out of things to say and I really can't help but get smaller until i SHOUT TO THE MUSIC sorry had to do it wasn't my fault really just ask him, no not him, him, HIM HIHM IHM, Ibm DID INVENT THE SCANNIING tunneling miCRoScope so there is that to their virtue what a day good times tonight what a time it shall be I can't wait for the caKE my in by the way btw whooooo whoa whao Macbeth did NOT just take that piece that little frog I will wet his fingers in the rage filled donuts jelly I just bought yet he took that cake I had made for him what a guy sure makes you wish he was on our sides iron man is a jerk what a phony not even powerful just rich and smart and dumb and not smart what a guy just like Macbeth i wish I was like him I really can't understand what could be so difficult about not wanting to keep him under your wing besides the obvious decision of choosing him over your own mother you jerk what a guy i need to change paragraphs this one is too long.


August 9th 2012:

Hi.  You people must hate me.  I had half the workload, and I still took forever.  I'm just lazy.  I won't keep saying that I'll start making them faster now, it always depends on how many ideas I have/my motivation/how many videogames I still have to beat, so I won't make promises anymore.  I went to Iceland.  I know, right?  They have a lot of lamb soup there.  They also have sheep every where.  And mountains, hot springs, glaciers, towns who's name's you can't pronounce, etc...

By the way, here's a picture of Colm Meaney.  He's a pretty cool guy.  About John Cleese level.  He was in two Star Trek series, and is in Hell on Wheels, an AMC original show that airs it's second season on August 12th.  Watch it please.  I feel like fried fishy chicken balls right now.  They are a real thing, but I'm planning on making them one.  YOU CAN HELP BY SENDING MONEY TO ME.  JUST MAKE SURE TO USE THE CORRECT POSTAGE, AND SEND IT TO MY EMAIL.  THANK YOU.    

June 27th 2012:

Hi.  How's it going?  I'm back!  Well okay, I'm late again, and I only have 9 comics this time, but from now on I can upload faster because of a more efficient program, so I will upload in smaller quantities, therefore in smaller time lapses.  Yay!  Yay! Yay!  OWWWWWWW!  DAMMNIT STUBBED MY TOE!!!!!!!  Not really, but wouldn't that have been great?

Anyways, I'm done grade 10 now, so I'm out of school, which will mean more comics.


I made Bobby in Minecraft.  Isn't that great?  Shut up, yes it is...

Anyways, I put this up on Facebook a while back, but I got interviewed by a user on newgrounds.com.  http://asandir.newgrounds.com/news/post/697839 is the link.  Anyways, I'm done for today, bye.


February 5th 2012:

First post of the New Year (as I write this I realize I should do a dooms day story arc) and though I really wanted to update earlier I didn't get around to it until now.  This update is smaller than the last one, so here's what's what.

I said I'd fix some pages but ended having the news page photos not working.  They should be working now.  I added 20 comics as usual (and 20 comments).

I usually put something like a cool picture or something funny in a news post, but I can't think of anything good to say, so I'll talk about S.O.P.A. and its sister bills.  The stop on-line piracy act was introduced by a U.S congressman to combat on-line piracy.  It enabled a company with copyrighted material to effectively remove a website from the internet if it had for example something as miniscule as a comment on a blog that included a copyrighted image from a movie.  Before S.O.P.A. they were systems where companies wishing to remove content form a website (be it a video from youtube or an image from a userpage on Facebook) could file a complaint and go through a bureaucratic process to contact the offending site and discuss legal terms.  with S.O.P.A. all you had to do was complain to the government and effectively have the site stop receiving money from advertisers, be removed from search engines, and lots of other unfair acts.

As someono put it on another website (very much in danger from bills like S.O.P.A.) "S.O.P.A. is like giving someone cancer to cure a runny nose".  S.O.P.A. has too much weight and power and should be stopped to find less damaging solutions.  A site like mine is relatively low danger of being shut down since I don't put too many copyrighted ips on-line, but this is still a pressing issue.

S.O.P.A. and it's sister bills are being evaluated, but another similiar bill could pop up at anytime.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act Read up more on it here and sign official petitions on congress websites to stop bills like this from happening.           


December 9th 2011:


Hi.  Guess what?  I'm not dead!  I guess I'd better explain my extended hiatus.  

My last news post was in about May of this year.  Ever since July of 2010, I'd been writing two comics a day, for almost an entire year.  I was getting burned out.  I felt like no one was really reading my comics, and felt like I had no real reason to be doing them anymore, with my school's paper a no go (it fell apart from lack of interest, that's what you get for making a school paper and only put it up on-line) and me not knowing how (or believing I could) to approach a media distribution source, I sort of stopped writing comics over the summer.  I actually had about 12 un publicized comics written, so in a bout September, I started to write more and eventually got up to my set of 20 I like to post with.

I'm officially back, maybe at a slower pace (don't expect many coloured one's soon, I find them too much work and the result less than worth it) but I'll be updating more often.

Now, onto the site's changes:

I made I nice new banner for the bottom of each page now.  It's pretty.

I deleted the hall of fame page, but I'll get to why I did that, and what I'm replacing it with later on.

I deleted the FAQ page because it had an annoying glitch that my dad can't seem to figure out (also, I'd like to thank my dad for setting me up with this website, teaching me how to set up pages, and fixing as many problems as he could) and it onyl took up space and wasn't that funny.

I deleted all my old news posts, because quite frankly, they were stupid, and I had different views and mannerisms etc.. that seem odd to me today, but since some people seemed find them funny, I kept them on the site but not linked to under the navigation bar, so e-mail me if you want the URL.

BIG CHANGE:  I comment on EVERY SINGLE COMIC.  Let me explain why.  I like to buy comic collections from various authors (Dilbert, Pearls before Swine, Foxtrot, Calvin and Hobbes, are some personal favourites of mine) and I often seek out books that have authors commenting on each comment strip, either saying why they made the strip, their opinion on it, or random drivel.  I really like that because I get to see the author's thought process, and sometimes the comments are damn hilarious.  So even if you think I'm being a egotistical jerk, you will notice that I often hate a lot of my strips, and will insult them, so, there's that.

Other stuff:

I have an account on http://bobbybroccoli.newgrounds.com/ this site, under the name Bobbybroccoli.  It's a cool flash animation, game, audio, and art site, and was the first website ever to have a functional user generated content system.  Join if you want to talk to me there.  It's free.

A guy there offered to draw Bobby if I drew one of his characters, so what do you think?  (His is first, mine is second)


I also got a stuffed figure very similar in design an personality to my Bobby, and it came from IKEA.  IKEA.  Seriously.  The eyes aren't right, and he doesn't have a nose or apron, but still...